How Long Does Oil Tank Decommissioning Take?

How much Time to decommission an oil tank?

A minimum of a few days. Each subset requires it’s own timeframe. The company performing the work has to wait until their workers have an opening on the schedule. They have to wait for 811 to come out to perform utility locates. There is the time to have the samples tested at the lab. Finally there is the time to schedule the filling of the tank (or other next steps).

Most decom’s happen as part of a real estate deal. Where the buyer makes an offer that the seller accepts and they get 10 days to perform their inspections.

Once a tank search is scheduled 811 can be called to do a utility locate so gas or water lines aren’t hit during potential soil sampling. This is at least a 2 day lead time.

After the search and locate of a tank a call to 811 will help workers to locate any underground utilities. No one wants a flood or gas leak in their new home. Then day that the workers take the soil sample they will transfer it to a lab for overnight testing. Finally, communication of results to the client is by phone the next business day.

If there is no contamination the workers can come back out and backfill the tank usually within a few days.

So, how long does it tank to decommission a UST?

Assuming there is no backlog of work and there is no soil contamination then a decommission can happen in less than a week.