What are the most common size of residential oil tanks?

See the most common sizes of residential heating oil tanks on our chart

chart of the Common oil tank sizes

Underground Heating Oil Tanks, and many Underground Storage Tanks (HOTs & USTs) are almost always a set size.

Aboveground Storage Tanks also come in set sizes.

Most underground tanks are 44″ or 45″ in diameter, you still can find 52, 42, 40, and 36 inch diameter residential tanks.
The most common length for residential oil tanks around Portland is by far the 8′ long tank. While the 8’X45″ tank is called a ‘675 gallon’ tank is actually only 630 or 660 gallons in most cases. The 4′ long tank is the second most common and is more likely in smaller homes or in Vancouver.

Above ground tanks, as seen in a basement, garage, crawlspace, or on the side of the home, are usually 275 or 330 gallons. These tanks are often 5′ or 6′ long, 27-29″ wide, and 44-55″ tall. Any tank 10% or more buried counts as a UST. Because of this ASTs usually come with riser legs or blocks.