What Does Oil Tank Decommission Cost?

Basic oil tank decommission cost?

If a tank search shows only one tank during a $100 tank search, and there is no contamination, the cost to decommission the tank will be around $1,000.

When soil samples show oil contamination the next step is a risk based analysis which adds around $2,000.

If significant leakage is present then the cost to mitigate it can be high. Removal of a tank can add an additional $3,000.

Other things can quickly increase the cost of tank decommissioning such as impacted groundwater or a large volume of contamination.

In some cases the total cost can exceed $10,000 for remediation.

When buying a home (which is already expensive) we highly recommend getting a $100 oil tank search. You or your clients may save you thousands of dollars in the future.