If you need to locate an all-plastic water pipe then Rush Locates can help. Onc eyou have read the page on ‘can a pipe be traced?‘ you can call 503-939-9585 to learn more or click here to schedule online (if you are in our main service area). No tracer wire locating of working plastic or PVC water pipe with a nearby hose connection is billed at $200/hr. A travel fee of $100 / 25 miles away applies to locations outside of town as seen in the below map.

Homes outside this area should call us at 503-939-9585 schedule as we may need to book multiple time slots.

Fast Water Pipe Locating Service

To locate non conductive water pipes Rush Locates, LLC uses state-of-the-art acoustic locating technology. If the water system can connect to a 3/4″ hose bib style attachment then we can find it. We create a pulsating pressure in the water pipe which can be heard using a specialized in-ground microphone. If the water pipe is a hot water line or radiant heating an IR scan might be easier.

Always call 811 if Digging

You have to. It’s the law to contact 811 before doing any excavation or digging. This is the ‘Call Before You Dig’ service you hear about and it is free. They will mark the publicly owned utilities in the area. This means they will mark water up to the meter only and not at all on houses with a well. If there are other pipes or lines you need located then Rush Locates is happy to provide a private utility locator service for an added fee of only $150 per hour. Almost everyone doing any digging is required by law in Oregon (ORS 757.542 – 562 and 757.993 and in Oregon Administrative Rules, Chapter 952) and Washington (RCW 19.122) to call 811 or get a public utility locate. Learn more about 811 and the requirements for digging with their FAQ.