Tanks are located, emptied, cleaned, and often filled in place. All these photos were taken by Jack, the lead locator of Rush Locates.

First we must locate the oil tank and make sure there is only one tank in the ground. Once found workers dig it up, clean it, and either fill or remove it.


Tanks all the way down
A decoy tank hiding the real tank
Cross section of oil tank fill pipe
The fill pipe attached to the tank
photo if inside of oil tank
what the inside of a tank looks like, notice the clear bottom layer where the water was rusting the tank
tank under deck
tank under deck
perlite filled cleaned oil tank
tank full of perlite before burying
Lovely tank found
Not the nicest crawlspace – these tank are emptied and removed
Oil tank under house
a better crawlspace – being able to empty the tank and remove it is often the hard part
packing down the dirt after burying a tank
The soil is in a mound after backfilling so it will settle back to a normal grade
decommissioned oil tank
buried tank soon to have concrete laid over it

These photos of storage tank/ home gasoline tank/ heating oil tanks being located, sampled, decommissioned, and backfilled are for educational purposes only. All photos of oil tank decommissioning are from Jack Andrews of Rush Locates.

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