Learn about Rush Locates LLC, the company that specializes underground locating services.

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We service all of Oregon and Washington but are based in Portland. Try out fast and easy online booking set-up for areas within our main service area.

Rush Locates was founded by underground locating specialist Jack Andrews. Rush Locates, LLC operates in the Pacific NW Locating things in all of Oregon and Washington but primarily around the Portland metro area. From the coast to the cascades and beyond, Rush Locates is the one stop shop for all your locating needs.

About Us – Company Owner and Underground Locating Specialist

Jack has years of experience with underground locating. Starting with oil tanks including: decommissioning, sampling, removing, filling, and locating underground storage tanks. While performing field work at Environmental Works Jack has worked on about 1,000 oil tanks and that was before becoming the only tank locator on staff for a year and a half.

jack from rush locatesJack Andrews received a bachelor of science degree from the University of Oregon. He has also obtained licenses in the State of Oregon as a Heating Oil Tank Supervisor and for Underground Storage Tank Decommissioning. He is someone who enjoys knowing how things work as well as someone who likes to find things.

Jack of Rush Locates At the Vulcan de Santa Anna

Rush Locates LLC has the background, training, and understanding necessary to give you piece of mind in a real estate purchase. Click here to see the schedule. Or see the Rush Locates Blog.

About Us – Work

Be it commercial or residential we can help you search for buried pipes, wires, and metal objects.
What can we find? The list includes: Metal conduits, water lines, metal oil tanks, metal cisterns, buried reinforced concrete, traceable lines, plastic water lines (including PVP water line, PEX water lines and CPVP water lines), underground power lines, large metallic debris, and other types or magnetic, paramagnetic, locations of electrical faults, leaking water pipes, or large conductive bodies.

In addition to helping you compete your Washington or Oregon oil tank projects Rush Locates can also perform:

Not all underground locators can do the same work, however with Rush Locates you know we can help. Because we are ready to answer all your questions ahead of time  you can know what you’re in for.

With Rush Locates you get the company owner performing the oil tank search. He has years of experience decommissioning oil tanks and performing oil tank locating services. As the owner he wants you to give you the best search you can get. Correspondingly you can ensure you get a great underground locator for a great value when you schedule a tank search or other work with Rush Locates.

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