Book a locate online; we provide Private Utility Locating in Oregon and Washington. If it can be located then we can locate it. Find out what can and can’t be located. If standard private utility locating isn’t enough for you we also offer utility map making, sewer scopes, GPR scans, pipe crawling robots, and many other services.

Private locating is $150/hour if you’re in the Portland area (see the map below). Please call for current prevailing wage rates. We have very fast turn around for those in a hurry so call us today at (503) 939-9585 to see if a same-day appointment is available.

Schedule an appointment online with our easy-to-use online booking system for locations within our main service area. If the jobsite is outside this area we may need to charge a travel fee and book multiple time slots so please give us a call.

Private Utility Locating Services

As a private utility location service we locate buried pipes, conduits, wires, and lines that 811 won’t mark. Once marked you can mark a utility map and always know the exact location of things under the ground. This service is billed per hour once we arrive on site. $150 / hour (if in the main work zone). We work in all of Oregon and Washington, our travel fee of $100 for roughly every 30 minutes further way from SE Portland that the location is, starting after the first 25 minutes before the scheduled start of the appointment.

Private utility locating includes things like: power lines, sewer pipes (if a cleanout is accessible), metal pipes (e.g. water and gas pipes), tracer wires, conduits that our traceable rod can go down, EMS marker balls, and communication lines.

Rush Locates, LLC can locate anything that is traceable, click here to read more about the technical limitations of radio wave detection. As a separate service we also offer plastic water pipe locating, and Ground Penetrating Radar use.

In addition to all this we can also find electrical faults on broken power lines and find metal property markers.

Check google and yelp to see our reviews. We have quick turn around and affordable rates. Rush Locates, LLC is an employee owned company based in Portland but operates all over Oregon and Washington.

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Cost and Area of Operation

Private utility locating costs $150 per hours as long as the address is within our main service work-zone. Job-sites outside this area may have to pay for an additional time slot and should call to schedule an appointment. Please let us know if you wish to be added as an additionally insured on our insurance.

 Schedule an appointment online or call 503-939-9585.

Estimated Time

It usually takes an hour or less to complete most jobs. This is especially true when locating a single pipe or line. E.g. When needing to locate a water line to a well or a power line to a shop.

We may need extra time when the density of utilities which are present is high (business or urban areas), when the locate distance or hook up point is far, when the terrain is rough, or when there are things which can deflect and interfere with radio wave signals (such as ones with metal objects like fences, railings, or cars.) Let us help you make an overall utility map of your yard to clarify the location of all the utilities.

When locating in a complex or industrial area the time required for locating is higher. Rush Locates can be hired by the day for areas outside the Portland Metro area, see below for more details.

Contact Rush Locates

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When you need private utility locating services in Oregon & Washington, Rush Locates LLC can help right away.

We do more than just oil tank searches, we locate all types of lines: water line locating, gas line locating, private pipe or cable locating, we can locate tracer wire, we can locate underground power, we can locate sewer pipes via a clean out and trace cast-iron sewer piping, we can locate abandoned water or gas pipes made of metal. However we cannot find all-plastic pipes without a tracer wire. We can find metal property markers and locate marker balls at construction job-sites. For an additional charge we also offer all-plastic water pipe locating. We can help you designate private utilities for SUE quality level B needs.

Always call 811 before digging!

Just about everyone doing any digging at all is required by law in the US to use a one-call to get a public utility locate, so do that first. The regulation is in Oregon (ORS 757.542 – 562 and 757.993 and in Oregon Administrative Rules, Chapter 952) and in Washington (RCW 19.122). Furthermore 811 is a free service. They will mark all public utilities on public property for you. They and will often mark public utilities onto private property as far as the meter or meter base too. Due to this often not being enough you have Rush Locates. We are here to mark anything after the meter or that 811 didn’t mark.

Learn more about 811 and the requirements for digging with their FAQ.

How is private utility marking done?

By using the all the equipment we can handle every situation. Different tools each have their own benefits and by having a combination of specialized tools we can find anything from large water pipes that have rubber gaskets to tiny electrical wires with splices. We also have a sewer scope reel and metal fish tape that we can use to plumb a pipe or conduit for locating. This way we can help with whatever type of underground locating service you need. 

Rush Locates, LLC has been tracing underground cables and pipes for years. With the help of advancing technology, the possibilities for what we can accurately trace and locate have been increased.

Advanced Private Utility Locating Technology

Direct line tracing or ‘active tracing’ is a way to electronically charge a line with a radio wave frequency. The next step is to take a special receiver that can detect this signal and pin-point the location of the maximum signal. Our tools are capable of a great range of direct line tracing frequencies including high-frequency impedance-matching transmissions for mapping small and well insulated wires. In addition we have ultra low frequency transmissions for long distance locates with increased accuracy.

We can use inductive tracing when the pipe or cable is inaccessible. Gas pipe marking and water line locating is possible this way when it seems there are no other options. Best at moderate distances when no nearby underground pipes are present. This is a good way to trace underground utilities with no access to the tracer wire; however it is much easier to get a signal induced in a nearby line. If a tracer wire is present but isn’t accessible, this is a way to get it done but the signal is easy to jump onto other lines.

If you’re looking for a hot water line or radiant floor heating then an infrared scan or thermal imaging can solve your problem. Push rods, crawling robots, sondes, and similar technology can locate the inside of pipes. We can even locate the inside of stainless steel and ductile iron pipes or conduits.

With Rush Locates you can get your plastic water pipes locates for much less than it costs to have GPR survey the area.

Our main service area includes: Multnomah County, Clackamas County, part of Columbia County, part of Washington County, & Clark County. – Scan your lot for private utilities today.

A photo of one of our private utility locating vehicles

Emergency Locator Service

For an added fee of $100 we can be out for same-day service. We also offer an Emergency After-Hours Private Utility Locate Service. We can trace metal pipes and intact tracer wire. Emergency water leak locating is a service we also offer. The tracer wire is just a wire and usually comes out of the ground at gas meter, water meter, or the water shut-off. After hours private utility locating costs $300 for the first hour on site and $150 for any additional hours. For an emergency water pipe location call 503-939-9585.

Schedule our locating service today or call 503-939-9585.

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