Rush Locates, LLC underground locating services can be had in all Oregon and Washington but our primary service area is centered around the Portland metro area. Jobs outside this main zone should call 503-939-9585 to schedule as we may need to schedule multiple time slots.

We offer private utility locating and oil tank searches for the prices reflected on this page. In the same area but for a different price we offer an all-plastic water pipe locating service and water leak locating services.

Our Normal Service Area

Locations less than 25 minutes driving distance from SE Portland are within this zone, please call us if you are outside this zone.

Below are the rates for the first hour of private utility locating or for an oil tank search. Please call 503-939-9585 if you are outside the above area.

The above numbers are for the first hour of private locating or for an oil tank scan. Additional hours of utility locating are billed at $75/additional hour. For locating outside the above area we charge a fee of $100 for every 25 miles further way from SE Portland that the location is, starting after the first 25 miles.

Use our easy online booking process to schedule a tank search or book the first hour of private utility locating.

Daily Rates

If you need to use a private utility locating service as a subcontractor then please review our daily rates. A 8-hour day work day costs $625 with a $100 per diem if outside our normal working radius.

If outside the normal work radius a travel fee applies as well. This is a one time fee based on distance from SE Portland. After the first 25 miles the travel fee increases by $100 every additional 25 miles.

photo of rush locates services and phone number