Find what’s hidden with Rush Locates; we locate buried utilities, pipes, wire, oil tanks, cesspools, underground storage tanks, sewer lines, sewer problems, radon levels, property pins, and more.

Please call if your location is outside our normal work zone, otherwise you can
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Our main services:

Rush Locates is open 8-5 Mon-Fri and 11-3 on Saturdays

graphic of work zone where travel fee applies, underground locating, privatge utility locating, and inspections have a travel fee outside the zone

Servicing Oregon & Washington

We are based out of SE Portland but service all of Oregon and Washington if you’re willing to pay the travel fee for locations outside the main work area. Our main service area includes parts of: Multnomah County, Clackamas County, part of Columbia County, Washington County, & Clark County. Please call us if you think you’re outside our normal work zone.

underground Locator from Rush Locates with carDependable Experience

Rush Locates has technology and experience to help you. Not only do we have top-of-the-line locating equipment but we have the know-how to fully utilize these tools for you. Jack Andrews, our lead locator, has years of experience working with underground locating and heating oil tanks. Jack has decommissioned roughly 1,000 heating oil tanks himself and spent years locating them and other underground objects.

Rush Locates was working in the NW with an overlook to a rainbow and the river

Unlike many other locators who don’t have training or experience, Jack has great knowledge of his instruments and what he is looking for. This first hand knowledge of the great variety of potential situations is especially relevant as a locator. Jack is also the business owner and has a vested interest in doing the best job that can be done. We want to be your first choice for an underground locating company in Portland. Jack at Rush Locates has been featured on Portland local news, click here to see the article together with the video.

Fast Response, Quick Service

Rush Locates uses the best tools and technology! There are employees who don’t understand the tools they use and companies which don’t use multiple tools for tank searches. Furthermore there are hourly workers with little experience and workers not invested in their job. Rush Locates uses all the best tools and has great investment in making you happy. We want to find anything that is there. Despite what you may think, not all underground locating is the same quality.  To ask about your project please email Jack @ Rush Locates .com or call 503-939-9585.

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