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We can also locate:

We have easy to use online booking available for locations inside our main service area, please call if your location is outside this area.

Private Utility Locating – $150 / hour

Our Private Utility Locator Services can help you find the location of a buried electrical wires, discover where the water pipe goes, locate a sewer line, and much more. If you want to create a utility map for your home or jobsite there is no better choice than Rush Locates, LLC.

We can sometimes work in same day appointments, call us today at 503-939-9585 to find out!

See subject specific pages on:  electrical wire locator serviceswater line locating, sewer pipe locatinggas pipe locating, the limitations of radio wave detection, and some differences between public locating and private locating.

When digging, the law requires you to call 811 to locate public utilities. The problem many people face is that the end of the ‘public’ utility of often the meter but not the end of the line itself. Hiring a private locator company like Rush Locates can help you trace your water or gas line past a junction so you can be sure of where it is.

Ground Penetrating Radar Utility Scans – $150 / hour with a 2-hour minimum.

GPR can be used to scan for utilities that cannot otherwise be located. We use a 350MHz antenna to locate object up to 10′ below the ground surface in idea conditions. Learn more about GPR.

Concrete Scanning GPR – $200 / hour with a 2.5 hour minimum.

Find rebar, PT cables and conduits.

Locating Deep Sewer Pipes – $200 / hour.

We can locate sewer lines up to 50′ deep from a 6″ or greater cleanout access in good conditions.

Plastic Water Pipe Locating Services – $200 / hour.

We can locate all plastic water lines without tracer wire if they have a working hose bib nearby for $200/hr. As long as the water pipe has water in it we can find PVC water pipes underground as well as buried PEX water lines.

Underground Water Pipe Leak Locating Services – $350 for the first two hours.

And $150 for any addition hours. However most jobs are completed in around an hour. Situations with very long distances or loud surroundings may take longer than normal.

Using advanced technology we can locate even very deep water leaks with our acoustic sensors. Get other private utility locating services at the same time for only $75/hr. Book online or call 503-939-9585 to schedule.

Heating Oil Tank Searches – $125

The oil tank sweep usually takes 30-60 minutes, cost of $125, and has instant results.

The classic ‘search the whole yard with multiple detectors, search the crawlspace or basement, search permits and other available paperwork, and search any other information available’ to get you or your clients the best possible value for your money during your home inspection. Correspondingly, this is the tank location service that most home buyers want.

Call 503-939-9585 or click here to schedule Online at anytime of day. See the ‘About Oil Tank Locating’ page for more information on tank searches.

Underground Electrical Fault Finding – $150 / hour

Using a variety of technologies we can locate a break in an underground power line or wire. Not only can we locate the path of the electric wire but we can find the location of the fault in most cases. Same charge as private utility locating.

Cesspool Locating and Septic Tank Locating – $300 ($150 / Hour with 2 hour min.)

Rush Locates, LLC can find many sanitary systems but not all every home’s system can be located using our tools. We can perform a search for your cesspool/septic tank if the house does not have a basement with water service. Please call us (503-939-9585) to see if this service is right for you.

EMS & Marker Ball Locating – $150

An Electronic Marker System AKA Marker Ball AKA Ball Marker is sometimes buried over a certain area in construction. Using our tools we can locate those marker balls so you can uncover the location for later work.

Let us work with you to find what you are looking for.

Survey Marker / Property Corner Searching – $150

Not every house has property stakes, if no survey was ever done then a corner marker is unlikely. However if the marker is just lost or you aren’t sure if there ever was one we can come and search for you. Assisted by the plat map and using technology designed to find the magnetic signature that property markers give off we can find it or it isn’t there.

Locating Extra Large Pipes (Over 8″) – $200 / hour

Pipe must be over 8″ in diameter and have slight to no bends. Access must be flat, clear, and near parking area. Locatable to depths of up to 50′ in good conditions.

Concrete Scanning GPR – $200 / hour with 2 hour minimum

Area to be scanning must be smooth and free of debris. Can also locate for live power at the same time. Can locate rebar, mesh wire, post tension cables (PT Cables), most utilities and conduits, and can give estimation of concrete thickness.

Useful to clear drilling sites or find areas without utilities in congested areas for sawcutting or coring.

Mainline Sewer and Drain Crawling Inspection Robot – $1000 for 4 hours

Inspect and locate large pipes over 8″ in diameter for up to 400′. Can record video, pan, tilt, and look around. Locate entire line or only where camera head is. Need roughly 5′ x 5′ area near parking location for equipment set up.


Additional Services

Oil tanks aren’t the only thing we can find for you. Because we have a variety of industrial metal detectors some of our other services include locating, tracing, or searching for buried:

  • Private power lines
  • Cables
  • Conduits
  • Manhole covers
  • Vault covers
  • Water lines
  • Iron capped or cased Cesspools
  • Metal Septic tanks
  • Iron Capped Drywells
  • Metallic property markers
  • Cast iron sewer cleanouts
  • Mapping the path any metallic or conductive object
  • General metal detecting looking for anything present and marking rough location

We can work with you to meet your scheduling needs! Contact us if you have needs or a special project after hours, away from town, for extended times, or just to see if we can help.

Prior to starting Rush Locates Jack was injured performing oil tank decommissioning services a few years ago and no longer performs soil samples or decommissioning. Jack has years of work experience at a local Oil Tank Service Provider doing a number of things in addition to his tank location services.

If one or more tanks are found then we help customers get a competitive bid for remediation right away. The same goes for any actionable object like a cesspool with an all iron lid (which will one day rust away and become a sinkhole).

When you want solutions to your potential soil problem, we can help. When you want the apex of high quality oil tank searches, we are you’re company. We have eco-friendly tech to work with any environment situation. Rush Locates, LLC can give you the best no-pressure heating oil tank search in Oregon or Washington.

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Our Service Area

Rush Locates operates in the entire Portland metro area. We operate outside the Portland metro area but we need to schedule extra time slots. Call 503- 939- 9585 to schedule these properties.