Radon, Tank, & Sewer with one call. The popular Homebuyer Inspection Package is the realtors’ one-stop-shop for getting a Sewer Scope, Radon Test, & Oil Tank Scan all in one place from a no-repair company.

If you’re buying a home and want to save money on inspections you’re in the right place. So book all three inspections at once to save time and money.

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What we need for the inspections

To get a tank scan please make sure all large metal objects are cleared from the property. Radon tests involve keeping the doors and windows closed (except for normal entry and exit) and tenants need to be alerted to this. If the seller has knowledge of where the sewer cleanout is located please tell us to speed up the inspection process.

We are an inspection-only and no-repair company.

Sometimes problems are found. After this happens you want to get multiple bids for any sewer repair, radon mitigation, oil tank decommissioning and/or tank soil samples.

Same Day Reports

Get immediate results from the inspectors on site and have a full report emailed to the agent and the buyer. We can include a receipt or invoice to the client. If you like we can take payment before, during, or after the inspections. When ready pay with cash, check, or all online with a bank card.

By using only state-of-the-art equipment and having technicians that have training above and beyond the par we can deliver to you the best non-biased home inspection services.