Schedule a Heating Oil Tank Search or Private Utility Locate in Oregon or Washington! Call, text, email, or use the online booking form below. Please call or email if you are outside our normal work area, as we may need to book multiple time slots.

Need an Oil Tank Search? 

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Need to locate a private utility? (gas, water, cable, power, or tracer wire)

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Want to schedule a Tank Search, Sewer Scope, & Radon Test all at once for $339?

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Rush Locates is proud to be part of the Ultimate Homebuyer’s Package which can be scheduled online at any time. Working with high quality and highly rated companies like DwellSafe for Radon Testing, 48 Hour Inspection for sewer scopes. Rush Locates adds underground location services with Heating Oil Tank Searches for the competitive price of only $339. – Click here now to schedule!

Oil Tank Searches – $100

When buying a house or planning construction it is always a good idea to have a Heating Oil Tank Locate performed. For the low cost of $100 you get a detailed report on the findings for your records and you can potentially save thousands later on.

‘No Search Special’ – UST Marking Only – $75

If you know there is a tank or other underground object in a certain area and need to know where it so then this is a great deal. Given that you just want to know right where something it, we can help. If you’re putting in a trench, in-ground pool, ADU, addition, irrigation lines, or just want to know. We can perform the locating and marking for you.
The ‘no search special’ entails marking any underground objects in the area you specify. We use temporary water soluble marking paint or flags for you. There is no official report that we issue you like a normal search; and we don’t inspect permits or the furnace area, and don’t search the entire yard. Just marking out underground objects in an area.   —  Only $75   —  Click here to schedule now.

Private Utility Marking – $100 base charge – $75 per additional hour

811 is great as a call before you dig service to know ahead of time what is underground. But they only mark to the meter and won’t mark utilities owned by certain companies. Once the pipe, line, or cable goes past the meter it becomes a private utility and you need a company like Rush Locates to help you mark it.

Please see our, ‘services‘ page for a complete description of the non-property-sweep activities we perform. But basically… We can find any large metallic objects if they’re less than 5’ down. We can trace conductive lines like water pipes and gas or sewer lines made of metal or with conductive tape or a tracer wire. Finally we can find most buried metal pipes like fence posts, fill pipes, vent pipes, and property marker pins.

 — See our primary service area. Buildings outside this area usually require two time slots while ones in the range don’t. Just give us a call or email about it. 

Call us at 503 939 9585, or email [email protected] with any questions or to arrange an appointment. 

We can often get out quickly to a property to do an inspection or to do it at the same time as another inspection.
It’s not always the first day of the inspection period when you find out you need an oil tank locate.

So when you’re in a rush, remember Rush Locates is here to help.

Rush Locates offers the best value for your Oil Tank Searches

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