Schedule an underground locating service from Rush Locates by calling 503-939-9585 or use our online scheduling system below if you are located within our normal work area. Locations outside this range should call as we may need to book multiple time slots. We work in all of Oregon and Washington but mostly NW Oregon and SW Washington.

Private Utility Locating Services

Click here to schedule a private utility locate online. Or learn more about private utility locating.

Underground Water Leak Locating Service

COMING SOON – Click here to schedule online at any time of day. – More Info on Water Leak Locating Services

Heating Oil Tank Searches

Click here to schedule a schedule a tank sweep online. Or click here to learn about tank sweeps.

Find Buried Plastic Water Lines?

COMING SOON – We can find underground PVC pipes and PEX pipes. Learn More!

Want to schedule a Tank Search, Sewer Scope, & Radon Test all at once for $339?

Click Here to book 3 of the highest rated inspection companies in Portland with one click.

Rush Locates is proud to be part of the Ultimate Homebuyer’s Package which can be scheduled online at any time. Working with high quality and highly rated companies like DwellSafe for Radon Testing, 48 Hour Inspection for sewer scopes. Rush Locates adds underground location services with Heating Oil Tank Searches for the competitive price of only $339. – Click here now to schedule!


Call us at 503 939 9585, or email [email protected] with any questions or to arrange an appointment. 

So when you’re in a rush, remember Rush Locates.

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