Local Water leak locating service Rush Locates, LLC can help when you want to know how to find a water leak underground in Oregon or Washington. With quick service and state-of-the-art acoustic locating equipment we can help when you’re in a rush.

For locations in our main service area we can locate your buried water leak for only $350 for residential customers and $500 for commercial customers.*. Call 503-939-9585 or Click Here to use our easy online scheduling form.

We are based in Portland, Oregon but work all throughout NW Oregon and SW Washington. Not sure if you have a water leak? Try our steps on DIY home water leak detection at the bottom on the page.

Local Company, Great Rates, Fast Response

*In our main service area we charge $350 for first 2 hours of water leak location services for locating at residences, with a 2-hour minimum. Commercial properties cost $500. In the unlikely event any additional hours are needed we only charge $150. This time frame  doesn’t start until we arrive. You’ll find this price hard to beat by other professional underground water leak detector services in town.

If your underground leaking water pipe is located outside our main work zone we may need to book multiple appointments. A travel charge may apply for these locations outside of the Portland metro area. In the extremely unlikely situation where we are unable to declare the location of a leak you will only be billed $100 if in our main service area.

Read about the Limitations of Water Leak Locating or click here to schedule online.

Private Utility Locating at the Same Time

If you’re already using Rush Locates to find the location of an underground water pipe leak then you can get private utility locating services at the same appointment. For only $75/hr with a one hour minimum. Please let us know if you will be wanting this service so we can plan accordingly.

Emergency Water Leak Locating in the Portland Area

For after hours leak detecting in our service area we charge $550 for the first 2 hours. The additional hour fee is $250 per hour but most jobs are finished in around an hour. For some commercial job sites night time might be the only time when it is quiet enough to use the machines. Call us at 503-939-9858 to arrange this service.

Let Rush Locates find the source of your problem so it can be fixed.

Leak Locating Services for Residential, Commercial, and Fire Hydrant Testing.

We locate all sorts of water leaks. Residential leaks between a meter and a house, or even inside the house. At commercial properties such as factories, shopping centers, parking lots, and gas stations. Even for new construction which has failed a fire service testing.

DIY Home Water Leak Detection

If you’re not sure if you have a water leak there is a simple way to test. Turn off the water and see if the meter runs.

Set up the Test:

Shut off all water use in the house. Close all sinks, faucets, and turn off any washing machines or dishwashers. Wait at least 15 minutes after to do the next step.

Next go outside to the water meter. This is a rectangular control box in the ground outside the home. Usually found at the property edge. It is in-line with a spigot or hose bib on the side of the home. It will usually say WATER on it, you can open it or lift this cover out of the ground.

If there is just a muddy pit you’ll need to get a trowel and carefully remove mud until you find the meter cover. The meter should be the tallest thing (closest to the surface) in the meter box. It may have a cover that you need to open from the bottom.

Check the Test:

The meter face itself contains a colorful dial that spins when water is in use. If this dial (often a triangle) is spinning when all the water is off then you have a water leak. When there is a leak the dial will often spin very slowly.

Is the Leak Inside the Walls or Outside and Underground?

If you have a shut off to the water in your house or outside the foundation then good! You can try to see if the leak is inside of outside and underground. Close this shut off and have another look at the meter.

If you find that you have a leak we can help you isolate this location. Using acoustic listening and thermal imaging technology we can work indoors or out. We can find most leaks even in deep soil and under concrete or asphalt.

Call us today to talk about your needs and see how Rush Locates can help you. You can reach us at 503-939-9585 & [email protected], calling is a much faster response!

Always call 811 if Digging

It’s the law to contact 811 before doing any excavation or digging. This is the ‘Call Before You Dig’ service you hear about and it is free. They will mark the publicly owned utilities in the area. This means they will mark water up to the meter only and not at all on houses with a well.

If this isn’t good enough for you and you still want to find out how to locate water lines in a yard, then use a private locator like Rush Locates.

Almost everyone doing any digging is required by law in Oregon (ORS 757.542 – 562 and 757.993 and in Oregon Administrative Rules, Chapter 952) and Washington (RCW 19.122) to call 811 or get a public utility locate. Learn more about 811 and the requirements for digging with their FAQ.