Why should you get a sewer scope in Portland, or the surrounding area, or anywhere?

Getting a sewer scope is a smart choice for any building buyer. Scopes can reveal hidden problems with expensive repair costs. Rush Locates can help you locate a sewer line, but we leave the sewer inspection videos to the professionals in that field.

Even new constructions need a sewer scope!

What is a sewer scope

A sewer scope usually costs somewhere around $125 and involves pushing a camera down the sewer line to inspect it for problems. Make sure to get a good company or sewer scoper, a bad scoper can miss problems that might cost you big time.

The process

The technician will find access to the main sewer line. This is usually done via a ‘cleanout’ which can be used to hydrojet or clean the sewer line. The cleanout is normally present in the basement or outside the home. In some cases it is in the crawlspace or non-existent.

If a cleanout cannot be accessed the scoper can try to get on the roof and push the scope through the main sewer stack, which is a 4′ pipe normally over the kitchen or bathroom. If the roof is too steep or high then the scoper will have to have a toilet pulled to access the sewer line. This may involve a certified plumber, another visit, and an additional charge.

Once the line is accessed the scoper will turn on water which helps lubricate the line and push the camera down the pipe, it also lets the scoper know they are in the correct pipe. Using a toilet flush can put a lot of water in the line at once to help the camera get over difficult areas. The tech pushes the scope until it hits the city sewer main.

These cameras are on a stout pushing cord, enabling the tech to push it around bends and forward for about 200 feet if needed. The camera contains a sonde or transmitter. Once set to transmit the technician can use a triangulation device to locate the sonde in the camera. The scoper will locate the sewer main, turn off the water, and pull the camera back. During this time they are looking for problems.

Common problems include sags or bellies where the water is not draining fully. Breaks or disjointments, and root penetration (which will only get worse). Occasionally the video may even feature a rat or two. The tech will activate the sonde and mark the location of any problems with the sewer line.

Sewer lines are typically shallow near the home, and at least as deep as the lowest level that uses sewer drains (without a sewage pump / lift station). When the sewer gets more than 12′-18′ deep (depending on pipe type and ground conditions) it can no longer be accuralty located with a normal locator. We offer a locating service to find deeply buried sewer lines. In good conditions we can locate pipes up to 50′ deep.

Why get a sewer scope in portland?

Sewer repairs can cost $5,000-$10,000 for problems no one knew were present. This is why it’s important to get these tests during the home inspection period.

Getting a sewer scope in Portland is easy once you find a qualified professional. Give us a call and we can recommend a few companies that we work with regularly. Many times we can find a buried cast iron clean out during a tank sweep, just another reason to have a tank locate at the same time as a sewer scope.

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