Get a video sewer inspection for real estate purchases or to look for problems. We are a no-repair Sewer Scope company for residential and commercial properties and we can help you today. Most of our clients are home buyers or buyer’s agents. You can Click Here to schedule a scope online.

Shows examples of problems found during a sewer scope
Problems found inside sewer lines

Get sewer scope for $150 if the location is within our Portland work zone. Get a discount when you order a tank search and radon test as the same time with the Homebuyer Inspection Package. Call us today at 503-939-9585 to schedule.

If the sewer cleanout is easily accessible then it makes the job much easier. Please tell us if you know if any hidden cleanout.

We use top-of-the-line sewer scope equipment and can handle difficult situations and we have the knowledge and tips to help us too.

Why should you get a sewer scope in Portland, or the surrounding area, or anywhere?

Unless a scope has been done in the last 2-5 years and you have a copy of it then a new one should be done when buying a home. Even new constructions should get a scope from a buyer when not already done.

Getting a sewer scope is a smart choice for any buyer. Scopes can reveal hidden problems with expensive repair costs. A scope costs $150 while a full sewer line replacement can cost $20,000. If there is a major problem it’s best to know before buying and if possible to get the seller to repair any issues. We charge $75 per additional cleanout for a single sewer scope.

What is a sewer scope

A sewer scope is an annotated video sewer line inspection. A camera records the condition of the sewer line from the home to the city main.

The process

The technician will find access to the main sewer line. In order to do this access to the sewer cleanout is usually needed. The cleanout is normally present in the basement or outside the home. In some cases it is in the crawlspace or doesn’t exist.

We can access the sewer line from the main sewer stack on the roof if there is no accessible cleanout. This is usually a 4′ pipe and normally located over the kitchen or bathroom.

After accessing the line any issues seen with the scope can be marked on the ground and on a site-map.

Common problems include sags or bellies where the water is not draining fully. Breaks and root penetration (which will only get worse). Occasionally the video may even feature a rat or two.

Why get a sewer scope in portland?

Sewer repairs can cost up to $20,000 in some cases. So getting a $150 video sewer line inspection during the home inspection period can end up saving you thousands of dollars. The same reason Radon Tests and Tank Sweeps are recommended is because these inspections can uncover problems that would otherwise not be found until you go to sell the house in the future. If you’re interested in scheduling a sewer scope, radon test, and tank search at the same time then give us a call at 503-939-9585.

Locate deep sewers and use the inspection crawling robot for mainline sewers.

Shows problem found during sewer scope inspection
A problem in the sewer at 2’10” deep is marked with water based paint on the grass

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