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Home Inspections Services in Oregon & Washington

  • The Homebuyer Inspection Package – This ultimate inspection package is a combination of a sewer scope, radon test, and tank sweep for only $400. We have the best equipment and tools available.
  • Sewer Scope – A video sewer inspection from a cleanout at the home to the city main. $150 as a standalone service.
  • Radon Test – Test the radon gas levels in most buildings in 48 hours for $150.
  • Oil Tank Sweep – Scan the property for buried tanks for the fantastic price of $125.

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Home Inspection Services

Sewer Scope Heating Oil Tank Search – Our specialty Radon Test

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GPR Cesspool Searches Property Pin Locating GPR Septic Leech Field Locating EMS Marker Ball Locating Electrical Fault Finding Infrared imaging Water Leak Locating

Information about Heating Oil Tanks in Oregon and Washington

Signs of Oil Heat – Without a tank search these obvious signs of oil heat indicate a tank is likely. Includes more oil tank info about each of the three easy to spot signs. Why Oil Tank Searches? – There are a few main reasons to perform an oil tank search. Why Choose Rush Locates? – Aside from Rush Locates having found tanks other companies have missed, read why you should use Rush Locates for your tank sweep. About Oil Tank Locating – What goes into the oil tank sweep process. Residential Oil Tank Sweep FAQ – Common questions asked about oil tank locating. Oil Tank Decommissioning FAQ – A list of Frequently Asked Questions regarding the heating oil tanks decommissioning in Oregon and Washington. A Short History of Heating – Learn about the history of home heating in the Portland area. About Oil Tanks – This page just gives a little primer and basic information on Oregon oil tanks. Size and Amount of Fuel in Tank Chart – Handy charts to show the amount of fuel left in tanks of various sizes. Schedule a Tank Scan – Book a tank sweep online.

Private Utility Locating information

Schedule a Private Utility Location – Book an appointment online. Private Utility Locating – If it was built to code, we can trace it! Public Locating vs Private Locating – Learn how utility locating is performed. Electrical Line Locating – Underground power lines and wires can be located by Rush Locates, we can even find the location of a fault in many electrical wires. Water Line Locating – Past the meter? Yes! We can help you locate and mark the location of your water line. Water Leak Detecting and Locating – We can help you locate the source of a water leak in your yard or home. Marker Ball & EMS Locating – Ball Markers are used in construction and buried for later finding, if you need help with the second part let us know. Gas line Locating – No matter if it’s a steel pipe or has a disconnected tracer wire. If it can be located, we can do it. Sewer Line Location – We can locate sewer line and sewer pipes and even perform sewer scopes but we don’t do any type of repair or recommend any company to be used. Sewer location can end up more time consuming than other type of private utility locating but the price and scheduling is still the same. Please call to schedule locates for a Public Works project or to find the current prevailing wage rates.

Water Leak Locating and Plastic Pipe Locating

How to Locate a Leaking Underground Water Pipe

How to Locate a Plastic Water Pipe or Buried PVC Water Pipe?

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Radon – The basics to know about radon in the Portland area including a super cool LIDAR map and ways to schedule a home radon test if needed. About Us – Experienced and knowledgable, find out more. Our Primary Service Area – An extra time slot may be needed for homes outside this zone. Services We Perform – An explanation of the services Rush Locates offers. More than just Washington & Oregon Oil Tank Searches. Rush Locates Blog – If you want to see some photos from places we’ve been and things we’ve done. Recommended Home Inspections – An explanation of different home inspections that you might encounter. Cesspools – Basic information about cesspools in Portland. Septic tanks – Basic info about what septic tanks are, septic tank location, septic tank decommissioning. Locating Cesspool and Septic Tanks – An online readable copy of the downloadable PDF on Septic Tank Decommissioning from the City of Portland which shows how to find a cesspool or locate a septic tank normally. See our services to find out more about how we can help. Sewer Scopes – The basics about performing sewer scopes, or get your sewer located. Lead Testing in Portland – Learn where you may encounter lead in the Portland area in everyday life. Homes built before 1988 are at higher risk of having lead in the drinking water. Oil Tank LocateOil Tank SweepOil Tank Scan Oil Tank Search – Get a tank locate today, or maybe tomorrow. Do you need a tank locate to get a tank decommissioned or sampled? Should you get a tank locate performed? Tracer wire guide – A quick snippet in tracer wires, also known as a locate wire. Home – The RushLocates.com Front Page. How-to-read the Portland-Maps Oil Tank Permits -You know when you go to PortlandMaps.com and sometimes there is a permit for oil tanks? Learn more about those permits. 

Information from the Oregon DEQ and public records


The newer DEQ ONLINE has replaced the DEQ hot list but it may be difficult to use.

DEQ LUST database look up – A list of Leaking Underground Storage Tanks that have leaked and are known to the state. With this in mind, the file may state UNASSIGNED or CLOSED depending on if there is a DEQ certification or not. DEQ LIST download– the DEQ List of Intact Storage Tanks – This is a downloaded excel file from 2017. It is not updated regularly and lists only addresses which have decommissioned underground heating oil tanks which did not leak. – This voluntary certification list is separate from the LUST. Addresses listed here mean there is at least one tank which is certified as decommissioned by the Oregon DEQ. However this does not mean there is not a second tank. Together with the LUST these two databases contain all certified decommissions in Oregon. At the same time, it’s possible a recent decommission is not yet present. PortlandMaps.com – The ‘Permit’ section may show permits for installation of oil tanks or oil burning furnaces. The lack of a permit does not mean the lack of a tank, and is often the case. Created between 1936-1990 and issued by the Portland Fire Department for homes in the city at the time. Therefore houses not within the incorporated city limits of Portland at the time of construction will never have a permit. Nevertheless, homes with tank within this zone often have no permits. Oregon DEQ page on Heating Oil Tanks – More information due to the courtesy of the State of Oregon. If you are a new real estate agent and want to learn a lot about tanks then we have a ‘oil tank crash course’ page where you can view more info. The company president

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