If you need to mark or locate a private utility there is no better choice than Rush Locates. Locating underground utilities cost $150 per hour for locations in town. When you need a private utility locator in a hurry remember Rush Locates. Let us mark your private buried utilities. Call/text 503-939-9585 or book online:

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Our main service area includes: Multnomah County, Clackamas County, part of Columbia County, part of Washington County, & Clark County. – Locate your underground private utilities with Rush Locates. We do locate in all of Oregon and Washington, our travel fee $100/ 25 miles away from SE Portland.

When you need to know where an underground pipe goes you call 811, the free public utility locate service. The law requires you to call 811 before doing excavation. This call before you dig service is extremely useful most of the time. These one-call services locate most public utilities but they stop when they hit the meter.

Private Locating vs Public Locating

Once the pipes cross a meter they become private utilities and you need a private utility locating company like Rush Locates to help.

Using advanced tools and technology we can trace and map a variety of cables, wires, pipes, and conduits.

As separate services we can help you find the location of buried water leaks in underground pipes. In addition we can also locate all-plastic water pipes with no tracer wire that wouldn’t otherwise be locatable.

View our schedule or call to see if we have same day availability to help you right away.

As a line locating service we can help you: locate underground electric wires, locate gas pipes, find buried metal water lines, locate buried cable, follow a tracer wire, map underground conduits with no access points, look for large buried metal objects like septic tank hatches, and seek property survey markers.

We also offer Ground Penetrating Radar services for locating utilities with GPR or scanning concrete with GPR.

Emergency Private Utility Locate Service

We also offer an Emergency Private Utility Locate Service for after hours private line traces. We can trace metal pipes and intact tracer wire. The tracer wire is just a wire wrapped around the utility where it comes out of the ground. Look for it at: the gas meter, water meter, or the water shut-off. After hours private utility locating costs $300 for the first hour on site and $175 for any additional hours. For an emergency water pipe location call 503-939-9585.

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