When you need a gas line location service for your private gas line there is no better choice than Rush Locates. Natural gas lines and propane lines made of metal or with a tracer wire can be located and marked. To locate private propane lines to a house or propane tank there has to be a tracer wire or the pipe must be a rigid steel.

Find out more about tracer wires and which pipes can be located here. Call today or use our easy online booking system by clicking here. Rush Locates, LLC can get to your job quickly and affordably.

A private gas line might run to your home from a propane tank, to a grill, outbuilding, pool heater, or addition. Sometimes gas lines can do unexpected things but most often you just want to make sure you are clear of where it is buried.

811, the free public location service, won’t locate past a gas meter and won’t locate lines from propane tanks. We can locate your gas line for you so you can stay safe while working. We will come out and meet with you onsite to explain how the machines work and what they are indicating while we mark the site. 

Private Gas Line Locating Service

Rush Locates, LLC offers private utility locating services by the hour. Locate one utility or multiple ones in the scheduled time.  A single hour is often plenty for marking one utility. 

We are based in Portland but travel throughout Oregon and Washington to help you. When you need to find a buried private utility like a gas pipe or water line let Rush Locates help you for a great price.

Call us to schedule or use our easy online booking set-up: Here. Private utility location such as gas line location marking has a cost of $150per hour. Most jobs are done in an hour or less.

Please contact us if you are outside our normal work area, as we may need to book extra time slots.

Private Gas Line Locating in OR & WA

Our main service area includes: Multnomah County, Clackamas County, Clark County, part of Columbia County, & part of Washington County.

Anyone doing any digging is required by law in Oregon (ORS 757.542 – 562 and 757.993 and in Oregon Administrative Rules, Chapter 952) and Washington (RCW 19.122to call 811 or get a public utility locate.

811 is a free service that will mark all public utilities on public property and will often mark public utilities onto private property as far as the meter or meter base. Rush Locates is here to help you mark anything after the meter or that 811 didn’t mark.

Learn more about 811 and the requirements for digging with their FAQ.

Rush Locates uses the best equipment. We can find things many others can’t. See just some of our tools in this photograph below. 

Jack at Rush Locates, LLC has been tracing underground cables and pipes for years. With the help up advancing technology the possibilities for what we can accurately trace and locate are always increasing.

A private gas line can run beyond the house to a garage, ADU, poolhouse, or other outbuilding. There are a number of reasons why 811 won’t mark all the area you need, but as long as the pipe can be traced, we can trace it.

See the Private Utility Location Disclaimer and Limitations page for more information on what can and can’t be traced. 

Emergency Gas Line Locating

We also offer an Emergency Gas Line Locate Service for after hours gas line locates. We can trace metal pipes and plastic gas pipes that have an intact tracer wire. The tracer wire comes out of the ground with the pipe at the gas meter outside the home. After hours private gas line locating costs $300 for the first hour on site and $150 for any additional hours. For an emergency gas pipe location call 503-939-9585.

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