Locate a water line in your yard today with Rush Locates. We offer water pipe locating services for traceable pipes for only $150 for homes in our main service area. As separate services we can also find the location of all-plastic water pipes and even locate a leak in an underground water pipe.

Book online with our easy online booking process for areas within our normal locating zone. Call Rush Locates today at (503) 939-9585 to see if a same-day appointment is available.

For homes in our main service area we charge $150 to locate conductive water lines or tracer wire. We can use up the rest of your hour locating any other underground utilities you might have.

Please call if you are outside our normal work area, as we may need to book multiple time slots.

Locate Underground PVC Water Pipes

Locating all-plastic water lines which don’t have a conductive tracer wire can’t be done with normal locating equipment. Traditionally this was left to hand digging or using ground penetrating radar. GPR is usually billed at $300 for a two hour minimum. However Rush Locates has technology that can locate you water pipes even when GPR can’t. At $200/hr there is often no other way to find these pipes.

Locate a Buried Leaking Water Pipe

If you’ve got an underground water pipe leak we can find the precise location of this leak for an additional charge. Get private water line marking at the same time as our water leak detection service.

Find Your Buried Water Pipes

Locating a water line to a well, house, meter, or pumphouse can be done on all metal pipes and tracer wires. Click here to learn more about the limitations of radiowave detection. To check, look at the shut-off value, well, meter, or anywhere you can find the water pipe.  If the pipe going into the ground is metal there is no problem. Look for a wire wrapped around plastic pipes.

If there is no tracer wire then normal locating equipment can’t find the pipe. In this case your options are limited. There is GPR, a shovel, or our plastic pipe locating service.

Find hot water pipes or heated air pipes with a thermal scan, book a private locate and note the need for IR imaging.

See schedule and book online

Want to know how to locate water lines in your yard? Trying to find a backflow test device? Simple, call Rush Locates now at 503-939-9585 or schedule an appointment online.

Be sure to call 811 if Digging

811 is very useful! The Call Before You Dig service is free for participating utilities up to a point. This means they will usually mark water up to the meter only, and not at all on houses with a well.

If this isn’t good enough for you and you still want to find out how to locate water lines in a yard, then use a private locator like Rush Locates.

Almost everyone doing any digging is required by law in Oregon (ORS 757.542 – 562 and 757.993 and in Oregon Administrative Rules, Chapter 952) and Washington (RCW 19.122to call 811 or get a public utility locateLearn more about 811 and the requirements for digging with their FAQ.


Emergency Water Location Service

We also offer an Emergency Water Line Locate Service for after hours water line locates. We can trace metal pipes and plastic water pipes that have an intact tracer wire. The tracer wire is just a wire and can usually be seen at the water meter or at the water shut off outside the home. After hours private water line locating costs $300 for the first hour on site and $175 for any additional hours. For an emergency water pipe location call 503-939-9585.

For a normal, non emergency water line location Give us a call at 503-939-9585 or schedule online.

Picture of Jack from Rush Locates who does water line locates and finds water pipesOur main service area includes: Multnomah County, Clackamas County, part of Columbia County, part of Washington County, & Clark County. – Find your buried water line with Rush Locates.

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