Get infrared thermal imaging for only $150 per hour if you’re in Portland or Vancouver, or rather within the limits of the main work zone on this map. Thermographic building inspections are done to address heat/cold problems like unknown loss vectors or broken heating elements.

Locate radiant heating tubes, air flow leaks, hot water lines though walls and floors. Get fun pictures of your animals or hand prints. Heat ducts and hot pipes can be seen through walls and concrete floors. We can locate insulation that is not functioning or missing in walls, ceiling, roofs, and floors.

Schedule a Private Utility Locate today and mention that you need infrared or IR imaging done.

Learn more about the Locating Services we offer such as private utility locating, heating oil tank searches, residential PVC water pipe locating, locating for underground water pipe breaks, & more.

Find radiant heat lines


Find hot spots

Find cold spots

Scan the temperature field

Track hot water and radiant floor heat pipes

Get fun pet photos

Find hot or cold spots in doors and windows on buildings, vehicles, and homes.