Concrete GPR scans for when you need to clear a boring location, scan for rebar, locate post-tension cables, wires, conduits, or measure slab thickness. Our cutting edge GPR technology needs only one antennas for both depth and resolution.

When you want to find everything which is locatable you can reach us at 503-939-9585 or by email at [email protected].

Multiple Services at Once, Private Locating & GPR

Email or call us today to discuss your project. This way we can better understand your needs. Also if needed we can provide traditional private utility locating and utility locating GPR at the same time. With our full package GPR scans we can locate power lines, communication lines, storm, sewer, low voltage electrical, ducting, conduits, and UST in addition. To clear a boring location for drilling we can provide an extra step of damage prevention.

Clear Drill Borings

Call us today to schedule a GPR scan of your concrete work area.

When you need to look for voids, thickness, power lines, metallic items, and even non-metallic conduits then you can reach out to us.

We will need some basic information from you about what it is you’re trying to do, what the job site is like, and how old the concrete is.

We charge $200 per hour with a 2 hour minimum. For jobs located outside the Portland Metro area a travel fee may be charged. Please call to schedule a concrete scan outside our main work area.

Locate Rebar and PT Cables

Ground Penetrating Radar is an easy-to use method of non-destructive testing which enables us to accurately measure slab thickness, inspect the concrete, and locate rebars, post-tension (PT) cables, conduits, and voids.