Rush Locates is owned and operated by Jack Andrews. As the business owner Jack has a vested interest in giving you the best quality and value around.
Not every tank locator is equal. The majority of people who perform ‘tank searches’ are hourly employees. Quite often these people have little to no experience working with oil tanks previously.
Jack has found buried oil tanks that competing companies have missed.

Jack’s past work with many areas of oil tank remediation give him insight into strange and rare situations that others have no exposure to.

At only $125 an oil tank search by Jack at Rush Locates is a fantastic value. Compare to the price of a home or even the cost of having to decommission a tank (which can start at $1,000 and quickly go up). Heating oil in Portland is something to take care of in the inspection phase if possible.

In addition to having vast experience to a great number of oil tank situations Jack has a full understanding of the DEQ oil tank program. And it doesn’t stop there!
Jack has a number of different tools/toys which operate in fundamentally different ways. By understanding how these tools work Jack is better able to leverage his equipment to get you the highest quality tank search.

So the oil tank locator at Rush Locates, Jack, has spent over 4 years working with Heating Oil Tanks: Oregon oil tank decommissioning, soil samples, tank removal, and Washington & Oregon oil tank locating. Presently he has been performing tank location services for over 2 years. Then he started and now operates Rush Locates and wants to give clients the best value they can get.

Now you know why to use Rush Locates for your Oil Tank Search

So the answer is simple. Because you want a quality search you should schedule an oil tank search with Rush Locates.

To see some fun photos we have taken at work and of our locator, click here.