If you want to decommission an oil tank you first need to know where it is. Getting a tank locate will allow you to find your tank for soil sampling. It will also find any potential second (or third) buried oil tanks (or gasoline tanks, or septic tanks, or cesspools).

Workers who have come to do an investigation of the soil outside a underground storage tank (UST) need to know the location of a tank. You can’t take soil samples in the correct (and legally required) locations unless you know the location of the tank. This, in combination with the potential for a second oil tank, is good reason to perform an oil tank search before having your tank decommissioned. Rush Locates is based in Portland, Oregon however we travel to surrounding areas. Suburbs of Portland including cities in Washington like Vancouver.

We are happy to do a tank locate for you for a small fee and to mark the location and depth of the tank for your records.