Create utility maps of your private utilities for as little as $250. We will locate, mark, and map your private utilities. Travel fees apply for locations outside of this area. If you are located outside of our normal work area please call 503-939-9585 to schedule a private utility locate and mapping. The maps created by our system should be accurate to within 1 meter or less. For this reason we recommend you annotate distances onto the maps from the on-site marks to nearby permanent objects. For more accurate maps we recommend getting a surveyor to map our utility locating marks. Our mapping minimum is one hour locating, half an hour tagging those marks with GPS locations, and half and hour administrative time later. Every hour of on-site locating may need another hour of coordinate tagging and map creating. Our GPS tool can only be used outdoors, in areas with good sky visibility we will get a better signal, in areas with trees and near buildings the GPS will be less accurate and we will need more time post-processing the data. We can also map water meters, shut offs, cleanouts, or other valves and access points onto the map provided once they have been found. Let us know your needs so we can find the right solution.