Locate Cesspools with GPR in Portland

Having to locate a cesspool is common for people remodeling or renovating a home. The city of Portland won’t grant a permit for work done within 10′ of a cesspool unless it has been decommissioned, and the only way to decommission it is to dig it up. So where do you dig? Rush Locates can help you locate a cesspool for $300 using Ground Penetrating Radar or GPR.

GPR can be used to locate a former excavation area and to find some types of objects underground without digging. Call us today at 503-939-9585 to schedule this service.

When adding an ADU or a garage it is best to locate and decommission a cesspool before construction begins. Portlandmaps.com has information about sewer connection times and home building dates, if the home wasn’t connected to the city sewer until after it was built then it very likely had a cesspool to deal with the sewage.