Radon testing in the Portland, Oregon area is the best way assess any potential health threats. High radon levels in the air in a home or business can lead to serious health problems in the people living or working in the high radon area. Many areas in and around Portland has high radon levels. Learn more about the areas with the highest radon concentration: here.

For people purchasing a new building it is important to test for radon. You or your tenants will be spending a lot of time inside the building, is the air inside the building will make people sick you want to know ahead of time. Things can be done to make areas healthier if they have high radon. Radon testing will alert you to any problems.

Get a radon test if you’ve never had one, and every 10 years after

If you have never had a radon test and live in an area of high radon a radon mitigation test is recommended to find out if remediation is recommended. Rush Locates performs radon tests using the most accurate radon tests available.

Radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer in the USA. Many people have never heard of radon before so radon education is important. RushLocates.com/r/Radon has more information about radon. This includes things like: where radon comes from in Portland, how to mitigate high radon levels, how radon levels vary cyclically throughout the years, and how to book a test.