Rush Locates can help you learn about oil tank supply lines. The copper tubes found in basements and crawlspaces connect oil tanks to furnaces. They may be sticking out of the foundation, wall, or buried in the ground.

Oil Supply Lines

The Oil Supply Lines are almost always 3/8″ copper tubing, in rare circumstances you will see galvanized steel piping or 1/4″ copper tube. If supply lines are present than the house had oil heat at one point. Replacement of underground tanks with aboveground tanks in a basement is fairly common. If your house shows any of the signs of oil heat then scheduling an oil tank search is recommended.

copper tubes used as oil supply lines near furnace

In basement or crawlspace

One or two copper tubes or steel pipes coming up from the ground and exiting the foundation is a pretty good sign of oil heat. Whereas older furnaces had dedicated fill and return lines while newer oil burning furnaces use just one supply line. So a single copper tube might signify a condensation drain tube from a furnace however it could also be an oil supply line. Sometimes there is a shut off valve or knob on one of these oil supply lines.

Oil tank signs- copper pipes in the foundation

The trench for oil supply lines

A sign that oil heat which is put in after construction, and common for pre-1960 homes. This ‘trench’ contains the supply lines and connects the tank to the furnace. Roughly 4′ wide, this trench will often goes to from the old furnace/ chimney area towards the wall.

Trench in basement for oil heat

A shut off valve or spigot

Homes built with oil heat at the time of construction won’t have a trench. However there might still be supply lines or a shut off valve. Rather commonly seen in homes built between 1940-1980.

Oil Tank Signs: oil supply lines in basement

Seeing any of the signs of oil heat indicates the strong possibility of an underground heating oil tank. Whenever you see signs of oil heat use Rush Locates to schedule your oil tank search today and get the best experience and value for your money.

Heating oil tank signs: copper lines in foundation wall

picture of oil supply lines in basement wallA photo of steel oil tank supply lines for an oil tankphoto of supply lines and oil filter