Rush Locates offers video sewer inspection services in the Portland area. We provide no-repair sewer-scopes in Portland. We service all of Oregon & Washington but there is a travel charge for locations outside our Main Inspection Area. Get a discount by scheduling a radon test and oil tank search at the same time.

Click here to schedule just a sewer scope. Call 503-939-9585 to schedule this Homebuyer Inspection Package.

The client and agent will receive a full report via email and can pay online after the inspection.

A sewer scope by itself costs $150. For very long lines or multi-unit sewer scopes there is an additional $75/ cleanout charge and a $50 charge for a revisit if needed. This can be used to estimate the price of a sewer scope, for instance in an apartment building , office building, or condo.

Why get a sewer scope in the Portland area?

Mainly for homebuyers to check for problems or required inspection. Sewer pipes in most homes run from the home to a “sewer main” which is often in the street. These pipes can sometimes become damaged or worn with time. The sewer lateral inspection we provide can show if this is the case.

The cost of a full sewer line replacement can go up to $20,000 in tricky situations. For this reason it is highly recommended for homebuyers to get a sewer scope during the home inspection period. We will mark the location of any detects if they exist as well as map and photograph them for you. This makes getting sewer repair easier.

The client will receive an annotated recording of the video sewer line inspection along with a site map including any finds from the sewer scope. A map and photos of locations in need of sewer line repair will be included if we find problems.