Call or text 503-939-9585 or Click here or use the form below. Schedule an oil tank sweep today with Rush Locates, the top rated oil tank sweep service in the area.

Cost: $125 per tax lot. We’ve found multiple tanks which other companies have missed during tank sweeps. Extra charges may apply for job sites outside our normal work area.

The tank search takes around 1 hour or less. Before we arrive we have already completed a preliminary investigation with public records. Because we want to get all the information we greatly prefer to get access to the home.

Before we get dirty in the yard we want to investigate the furnace area of the home, usually in the basement or crawlspace. Consequently if there is an exterior crawlspace access we don’t need inside the home. Additionally, the tank search needs to have cars and other large metal objects moved off the property because they interfere with the search tools.

Still want to learn more about oil tank sweeps? Check out our tank sweep FAQ, and the about tank sweeps page.

Most days we cannot help with same day appointments except for our emergency locator service. Notwithstanding that we might be able to help you with a same day appointment, give us a call to find out.

Learn about Heating Oil Tank Searches. See why you should choose Rush Locates.

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